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I have sensory issues, how can you help?

Vicki Marsh
Updated 9 months ago
Our founder, Vicki Marsh, has both ASD & ADHD so at HeadStart we totally understand the importance of a sensory friendly environment!

Here are some examples of adaptations we can make:

- Lighting: Organising your appt for during daylight hours, turning off lights, closing the blinds
- Sound: As a general rule the clinic is extremely quiet. We are based on an industrial estate, so very rarely there may be noticeable sound. If you wish to bring noise cancelling headphones, music on your own device to played during your appt then simply let the therapist know and they will help you get set up with.
- Touch: Our team are very experienced with adapting their techniques for more/less sensitive skin. In addition, any textures you find uncomfortable let us know and we will do our best to avoid those! You are welcome to bring your own blanket or towels to the clinic to use during your appt.
- Smell: We specifically keep our lotions fragrance free and do not have strong odours at the clinic. If on any visit you find your appt being affected by smell then please let the therapist know and we can both ventilate the room and look to move to an alternate treatment room if one is free.
-Personal items/fidget toys etc: We absolutely welcome you bringing any items with you that will allow you to feel comfortable throughout the appt. Our main goal is to help reduce your nervous system stress to directly reduce your pain/symptoms. So even if knowing you have that item in your bag is reassuring, then you're helping us to help you!

If there is something that will make your visit easier that we haven't listed above please let us know!

Any questions at all please get in touch
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